Tale of Two Snows

Am I living in a different country than the one portrayed?  The other side of the wardrobe is a very different place. Oh and yeah…the buses are running, the planes are flying and the cars are moving.  Sure we’re fine and anyone caught whinging about a few drops of snow will be shot out of it by the ..’my glass is so full there’s no room for any ice in it’ type of Irish person.  On the news it looks like the city is open and no doubt it is as supplies of grit and salt have been prioritised there and other certain areas deemed worthy. But for the rest of us in Dublin suburbs north and south  and in rural areas the situation is grim indeed.  All the city estates and secondary routes  are treacherous with snow and ice and have been since before Christmas bar a few days grace in Dublin pre New Year.  Many areas have little effective public transport and no I am not blaming Dublin Bus or Bus Eirean (they are correct to not travel on those roads as they are NOT SAFE). Those with the big 4X4’s are for once in that lucky zone as they deal with ease with the weather’s wrath. The rest of us are skidding around putting ourselves and others at risk as we’ve no other way to get around. Many are  near to hopeless at driving in snow and ice (let’s face it we’ve not much experience) and some of  those that are competent are tailgating the fearful in typical dangerous arrogant fashion. Roll on the accidents.

The game of spin and blame, blame and spin continues ad nauseum.  Blaming the city and county councils who are doing their best out in freezing conditions is just disingenuous. Get PR out of politics and make it a more honorable  enough job.  Admit it we have yet a another crisis.  Nobody controls the weather but just deal with it when it happens rather than skipping around from Billy to Jack to find a person to blame.  This seems the modus operandi of current government. Put a person in charge of the snow crisis then blame them. Blame the councils, blame the  public…its all about political game playing and less about doing the damn job at hand.

People in rural areas can be totally cut off, at least able bodied Dubliners can walk  if really stuck. Oh yes… and that’s why hundreds of people are ending up in Emergency Departments, they’re walking on paths that are simply lethal.  So come on..tell it how it is. Stop with the glossy version. There ain’t no Scarlet Pimpernel for snow out there? Is there? Please…


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